Laker Elementary is Anchored in Excellence:

*Ranked No. 1 in Huron and Tuscola counties, in

Top 20 statewide (2013, Bridge Magazine)

Ranked in the top 5 percent of elementary

schools in the state - we're an Academic State

Champ (2015, Bridge Magazine)

Received a $1.83 million grant in 2014 that is being 

used to help our most at-risk students so they

can get the one-on-one help they need to succeed

Kathy Dickens, Principal
6436 Pigeon Road
Pigeon, MI 48755
Phone: 989-453-4600
Fax:  989-453-4629

Laker Elementary is awesome because:

*We have a caring, dedicated staff of teachers and support staff who work every day to help every child succeed not only as students, but as responsible citizens.

*Our class sizes are in the low 20s.

* Students in grades 1-5 receive iPads for the one-to-one iPad program, providing unprecedented learning opportunities. Students in kindergarten use iPads on a regular basis, as well.

*We have a strong focus on hands-on and team-based activities in classrooms.

*A personalized skill building/remediation program is offered for every student.

*We have multiple early intervention programs for struggling students.

*Daily Success Time/Intervention Time allows for students to build on academic skills and receive personalized support based on their needs.

*Strong policies and aggressive action against bullying are in place.

*An after-school homework assistance program and tutoring are offered to help our students.

*The elementary facilities are top notch, with up-to-date technology and security.

*Lakers has the area's only campus-based health clinic, in partnership with Scheurer Healthcare Network. A campus-based counseling clinic is in the works, as well. Laker Elementary also has a nurse available on site.

*Lakers leads the area in Inclusion Model instruction, in which all special education students attend regular classes with special education teachers serving as co-teachers.

*Students enjoy music and physical education classes every day.

*A fifth grade band program is available.

*The school offers a wide variety of after-school programs/activities for a wide variety of interests (underwater remote-operated vehicle, Culture Club, Storytelling Club, chess, Bully Busters Club, basketball, etc.)

*Laker Elementary students enjoy regular art classes, along with many classroom-based projects, in which they're allowed to explore and showcase their creativity.

*We have a wonderful Behavior Coach and behavior interventionists,  along with multiple programs that encourage and support positive behavior, such as the Good Behavior Game, Responsible Thinking Process/Student Responsibility Center, Student Spotlight breakfasts, Fun Days, Pride Assemblies and more.

*Our EPBP Laker Facebook page/Twitter page and dynamic school website, along with a monthly newsletter and weekly bulletin, keep us in constant communication with our parents and community.

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